Staff have taken another step to help reduce waste heading to landfill.

Tavistock Specsavers has installed a ‘zero waste’ box from recycling company TerraCycle, which specialises in typically hard to recycle waste.

Sarah Routly, store director at Specsavers Tavistock, said: ‘This is a great addition to our store and we felt it was important to offer a lens recycling point to the local community. Everyone is welcome to drop off their contact lens waste – you don’t have to be a Specsavers customer.’

Recycling help

For years contact lens wearers have struggled to find ways to dispose of lenses and packaging ethically without resorting to sending them to landfill. The specialist recycling box can be used for contact lenses, foil, pods and monthly contact lens cases. They are sorted into metals, fibres and plastics and recycled to make new products.

Sarah continued: ‘It’s a small step but we believe in the right direction and simple changes such as this can really help reduce waste to landfill.’

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