The team at Telford Specsavers recently welcomed five-year-old Sophia Shah to the store to be fitted with her first set of contact lenses.

The budding tennis player is the store’s youngest contact lens customer. She was fitted with daily disposables, improving her self-confidence and performance while playing sports. 

‘Sophia was so pleased with her new contact lenses,’ said Telford Specsavers optometrist, Ben Taylor. ‘If contact lenses help to improve your life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear them, even as a child. It all depends on your ability to use and look after your lenses. Sophia’s confidence has soared since wearing daily disposables for playing tennis. Sometimes glasses are simply not practical, especially for an active child.’

Learning about lenses
There is no official age limit for wearing contact lenses. It all depends on whether your optician thinks someone is mature and capable enough to clean, care and handle contact lenses on their own. Children are quick learners and have proven to be just as capable of wearing lenses as adults, but it is recommended that a parent or guardian should supervise them to start with. 

How to get started
It’s easy to get started with contact lenses, just book an appointment for your child to see one of our opticians for an assessment. We’ll talk you through the process and can help you decide whether or not contact lenses would be a good idea for your child, as well as recommend the best type of lens depending on your child’s lifestyle, prescription, usage, and wearing time. 

Free trial
If your child decides that they’d like to start wearing contact lenses, they can try them for free. So before you buy anything, you can both be confident that contact lenses are the right choice.

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