As many people want change their look for different occaisions, contact lenses offer that flexibility.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, a practical option for sports, wearing designer sunglasses or you just want to ditch those glasses, Specsavers in Birmingham is on hand to make the transition from specs to contacts as simple as possible.

Contact lens optician Neil Jones, said: ‘Contact lenses have made huge leaps forward in recent years, which means they’re more comfortable to wear and are suitable for almost all prescriptions, so the majority of glasses wearers can switch if they want to.

‘They can make a noticeable difference for customers day-to-day, but many people are still concerned about several myths which surround contacts.’

Age isn’t a problem

For many glasses wearers, age can be a barrier to trying contact lenses, but, as Neil explained, it needn’t be a problem.

‘Multifocal prescriptions tend to be more common in the over-40s, but there are various types of prescriptions which contacts can cater for, making them suitable for most customers – even children! Many people believe that youngsters can’t wear contact lenses, but there’s no official age and the decision essentially comes down to parents and the optician. If a child is mature and capable enough to use and care for contacts, there’s no reason why they can’t wear them.

‘For parents who want to explore whether contacts would be the right choice for their child, we’d be more than happy to sit down with you and your child. One of our contact lens specialists can show you how to use and take care of them, as well as being available for regular aftercare appointments so you’re never on your own.’

The perfect lens for you

For customers with a multifocal prescription, the multifocal contact lens works for long distance, reading and intermediate vision – all in one lens.

Neil explained: ‘When you read, your pupils reduce in size a little and the opposite happens when you look far away. The design of the multifocal lens cleverly uses this natural dilation to provide vision correction, enabling your eyes to naturally focus through the correct prescription to give you clear vision.’

This means that contact lenses can accommodate most prescriptions, making it possible for almost all glasses wearers to switch to contacts if they wish.

Complete comfort

Although most prescriptions can be catered for, comfort can often be the key factor in making the decision to go specs-less.

‘Customers trying contact lenses for the first time are often surprised by how comfortable they are to wear, so much so you barely feel the lens. This is because modern contact lenses contain more water to make them soft and flexible and the materials they’re made of allow a greater flow of oxygen, which makes them more comfortable for extended periods of time.’

Try before you buy

As well as giving you extra freedom and greater convenience, contact lenses also provide outstanding value for money.

‘We offer a free contact lens trial for all of our customers who are new to contacts, which allows you to take home a pair of monthly lenses or five pairs of daily disposables home to try, absolutely free. Our team is always on hand to support you with any concerns, but if after the trial you decide contacts aren’t right for you, there’s absolutely no pressure to make a purchase.’

To find out more about contact lenses, or to start your free trial, pop into Specsavers Birmingham to make an appointment with the dedicated contact lens team.

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