Specsavers in Bury St Edmunds is highlighting an additional service which staff offer to their patients who suffer from visual stress. (Meare-Irlen Syndrome)

A unique service 

A unique service available in Bury St Edmunds Visual stress is sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes. In some individuals this condition can cause visual perception problems which interfere with reading. The symptoms can occur despite normal vision. The symptoms of visual stress:

  • Movement of printed text
  • Blurring of print
  • Letters changing size or shape
  • Patterns in the print
  • Halos of colour surrounding text
  • Tiring easily when reading

The store offers a test, also known as colourimetry testing which is only provided by a select number of opticians in the area. Helping people with learning difficulties.

Learning difficulties 

The condition can affect anyone at any age although it is common among those that suffer from learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, photosensitive epilepsy, autism and ADHD.

Store director, Marc Mitchell, says: ‘Visual stress can be extremely uncomfortable and a great strain on anyone who suffers from the condition. I would urge anyone who is concerned to pop in to store to talk to a member of the team and to book an appointment.’

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