There are many ways to get together with your team outside of work hours to boost morale and wind down and the Colchester team has taken this one step further with an idea that has added health benefits.

Stretching expectations
Store directors Nick Hagan, Louise Stanton and Colin Hope are offering free yoga classes to their team in the store every Friday night.

Nick said: ‘We’re on our feet quite a bit and there’s a risk of things like bad backs and sore necks, so we wanted to make sure our team are looking after themselves. Yoga strengthens your core and stretches parts of your body that you can’t with other forms of exercise.’

Team bonding 
In order for all 65 team members to get the chance to benefit, they can put their names down and the sessions run in six-week blocks.

Nick said: ‘There’s been a brilliant take-up so far. The team really enjoy it and get a lot out of it.’

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