A retired minister from Perth has clear hearing again thanks to a small fix from Specsavers in Dalkeith which made a big difference.

Specsavers stores, in line with government guidelines, have suspended routine testing for the foreseeable future but emergency and essential eye and hearing care is still available to those in need.

Reverend MacMillan moved in with her daughter Cher Cassini in East Lothian ahead of the strict lockdown measures for Scotland. She was previously staying with her other daughter who is a nurse in Perth, but they felt it was safer for her to temporarily live with Cher.

Cher had broken nose guards replaced on her own glasses at Specsavers and the very next day contacted the audiology director at Specsavers Dalkeith regarding her mother’s broken hearing aid – which was able to be repaired and returned within minutes.

‘This may seem small, but these repairs made a massive difference to us both,’ said Cher Cassini.

‘My mum’s hearing is now better than ever thanks to Specsavers, she can now hear conversations and keep in touch with friends and family with ease over the phone. The team at Specsavers have joined my mum’s list of prayers to thank them for their continued support.’

Providing vital care in the community

Jonathan Bell, Audiology director for Specsavers Edinburgh, said: ‘People with hearing loss often rely on face-to-face interaction with family, friends and neighbours but as this can’t happen right now it’s important to look out for one another and find other ways to stay connected.

‘We’re proud to provide vital care for our community at this time and I’m delighted we were able to safely provide a service to Mrs Cassini and Reverend MacMillan.’

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