As Specsavers Chester prepared to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its opening day, store directors Julie and Huw answered a few questions about their experience of the last quarter century in store.

Do you have a particular highlight from the last 25 years?

Julie: Staff loyalty is a constant highlight. Collectively our team has spent more than 200 years working at Specsavers Chester. I think that is just amazing. Retail manager Sarah Palomba has served at the store since its opening day, and so she is celebrating her own silver anniversary. Sarah and I have both been lucky enough to work side by side with our daughters at various times, which was a wonderful opportunity.

Has the city changed much over the past 25 years?
Huw: Chester is known for its historical heritage, so visually, no, chester hasn’t changed much. However we have seen plenty of other businesses come and go over the years, as well as buildings being built or knocked down. We are just looking forward to what 2017 bring us!

How has the store developed in that time?
Huw: Lots! When we opened 25 years ago we had just one testing room upstairs. We’ve continued to grow and the store now boasts five testing rooms, a contact lens department, a call centre and a brand new audiology room.

What does the future hold for Supersavers Chester?
Julie: We are just looking forward to continuing to grow as one of the longest standing independent business in Chester.

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