When Sapna Shah saw an appointment request from Jacqueline, a nurse at the NHS Nightingale hospital for Coronavirus, she knew she had to act quickly to help get Jacqueline the help she needed to ensure she could do her job.

Jacqueline had contacted the store as she had lost her glasses and is short sighted, but couldn’t remember her prescription. To make matters more difficult, Jacqueline has been staying in a hotel so didn’t have anything to hand that she usually would to get a new pair of glasses.

Triage and sight test needed

After an over the phone triage, Sapna, Charlton Specsavers store director, invited Jacqueline into the store for an eye test where she ended up needing varifocals.

Sapna delivered the glasses straight to Jacqueline as soon as they were ready so she could get back to working with full vision.

Open for Care 

Sapna says: ‘We would like the community to know that although we have suspended all routine eye and hearing tests, we are still very much open to assist with any eye health or vision related problems. In particular we are available to key workers to help out however we can.’

Sapna also shares a message about the new services from Specsavers: ‘Many issues can be resolved without needing to visit the store as we’ve launched RemoteCare, which sees our optometrists on hand for video call and telephone consultations. It's vital that people feel like they’re able to discuss their concerns and that anyone with an eye problem is able to access the care they require.’

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