Always super keen to support its local community is Specsavers in Newport Pagnell. So when the Carnival organisers requested that Carni Croc’s eye health was checked, the optometry team was thrilled to step forward.

Carni Croc pops in store
Step one was to see if Carni Croc was experiencing any problems with his vision. Nothing was reported - Carni Croc says he can always see what’s going on and join in the fun. That said, he wasn’t aware that other broader health conditions can be spotted through a sight test, so was delighted to have that thoroughly checked out.

Perfect vision
Carni Croc never seems to age, and this was reflected in his vision. No changes or concerns were raised, so the optometrist then moved on to evaluating the health of the eye. The optometrist was able to keep him still enough to conduct the test and everything, gladly, looked perfect.

Checking out the frames
Carni Croc wanted to check out the frames too and was keen to bring out his vibrant green colouring. He had a good sense of style, gravitating towards some of the designer collections such as and Marc Jacobs. Some customers were a bit surprised to see a big Croc in store, but were thrilled to say hello once they realised it was friendly Carni Croc!

Regular sight tests
Carni Croc was reminded that he must visit every two years to ensure any changes are identified early. Carni Croc wasn’t aware that some sight loss conditions are preventable through early detection and promised to rebook again in 2021. Despite a busy schedule, he promised to make it a priority.

See Carni Croc and Specsavers at the Carnival
A weekend packed full of entertainment and fun is planned for 2019’s Carnival and Specsavers is delighted to sponsor the Duck Racing on the river. It will be a great weekend for all.

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