A team of friendly Specsavers opticians in Surrey are reminding parents to test their children’s eyes before they go back to school.

School shoes, school uniforms and an eye test!
Parents have lots to check lists when the Back to School season looms and of paramount importance for little ones is caring for their eyes.

What to expect
Surprise – it’s actually fun for kids! They get to seat in a big chair, look at diagrams and shapes, and the optician can monitor their sight even if your little one cannot read. You can stay in the testing room too to assure your child throughout. What’s important to know is that we make it fun and have been trained in how to deal with our younger VIPs!

Signs to look out for at home
There are a few clues that a child may have a sight problem. Sitting too closely to the TV or reading a book close to the face. Or straining the eyes or tilting their head to see better is another watch out. A child may complain of headaches, tired eyes or try to avoid certain activities that require good sight. Another common sign is falling behind at school.

We are here to help
The main thing to remember is: have frequent eye tests. We can identify any issues quickly. We are also here to make the experience fun. We have some fab glasses like our new Finding Dory frames. We will help fit a pair and select the right frames that they will simply love!

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