The team here at Specsavers would also like to suggest that you make your vision a top health priority too.

Here is where your local friendly team of opticians can help:

Be safe on the roads
Good eye sight is critical when driving. It helps you see the road better, could help prevent eye strain and headaches, and also helps keep others safe too because you can see them. We please ask all of our customers to be responsible and check their vision if they suspect it is impaired.

Does your child need an eye test?
When did your child last have an eye sight?  It is a little known fact that learning problems can be caused by impaired vision. From reading a book to seeing a blackboard, issues with a child's sight could be holding them back without your knowledge. If you notice any possible niggles with their vision, pop in and see us. We take great pride in being a child-friendly opticians and we have some great testing facilities that we think your children will find exciting and pretty cool!

Time for a new look in 2016?
Why not step out of your style comfort zone in 2016 with a fresh new look.  Rest assured that we have a style to suit everyone of all ages, all fashion senses. Come in and see some of the new ranges that launched last year - Hackett for men, Aurora designed by Twiggy for ladies and even Minions frames for children are just a few of the new brands we have in our store.

Specsavers eye health clinics

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