Your eyes

The team at Specsavers wishes to remind customers that your eyes and vision deserve special care and attention. Your sight enables you to complete some day-to-day tasks easier.  This may include reading, computer work or maybe a hobby such as an art craft.  

Be safe on the roads
It is important to remember though that good vision also keeps you, and others, safe on the roads when driving.  We therefore urge each and every one of our customers to be responsible and check their vision if their suspect it is impaired.

Caring for children's eyes
A child's learning can be impacted by vision problems.  From reading a book to seeing a blackboard, impaired sight could be holding your child back without your knowledge. If you notice any possible niggles with their vision, pop in and see us.  We pride ourselves on being child-friendly and have some great testing facilities that your kids will be amazed by!

Make a fashion statement
Whether you wish to make a bold fashion statement or wear a discreet pair of frames, be assured that we have a style to suit you.  Come in and see some of the new ranges that launched last year - Hackett for men, Aurora designed by Twiggy for ladies and even Minions frames for children are just a few of the new brands we have in our store.

Specsavers eye health clinics

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