A man from Cardiff has thanked staff at Specsavers on Queen Street, Cardiff, after a routine eye test detected a sight-threatening condition.

Detached retina

Grant Russell, 62, called Specsavers on Queen Street, Cardiff for an eye examination after noticing dark shadows shading the vision from his right eye.

He had always worn glasses but the darkening of vision was a sudden development.

Regina McCafferty, the optician at Specsavers who examined him, found that that Mr Russell was suffering from a defect known as a detached retina.

Retinal detachment is caused when the retina at the back of an eye pulls away from the blood vessels, leaving it starved of oxygen and nutrients.  Without quick treatment, the condition can lead to blindness.

Regina immediately rang the Heath Hospital in Cardiff to urgently refer Mr Russell, and he was admitted for an emergency operation, which he had later that day. Within 24 hours of his operation, Mr Russell’s vision had returned to almost normal.

‘So grateful’

Mr Russell said: ‘I’m so grateful to the staff at Specsavers for their expertise and professionalism. My optician, Regina, knew as soon as she saw the tear that there was no time to lose and called the hospital to arrange for me to have treatment that day.

‘It really worries me to think that I could have waited weeks for an appointment elsewhere or with my doctor to discuss the problem and by that time I could have lost my sight altogether. I count myself as very lucky to have had one operation, no long-term side effects or ongoing treatment and full vision.'

Frank Moloney, clinical director of Specsavers in Cardiff, said: ‘We are proud to have both the expertise and systems in place to enable us to have seen Mr Russell and resolve this so quickly.

‘Retinal detachment usually has noticeable warning signs, and this prompted Mr Russell’s visit to us, however, not all serious eye health conditions have such obvious side effects. Therefore, we encourage our patients and the public to have a routine eye test every two years.'

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