Now that the sun has finally got his hat on, it’s important not to overlook eye protection whether you are staying at home or going on holiday.


The Camden Town store is reminding all residents to safeguard their sight against the sun and to remember that not all sunglasses offer adequate protection.

Store director Naveed Nayab, says: ‘Rays are heightened by glare, which occurs when light is intensified as it reflects off the bright shiny surface. A sandy beach or calm sea will have the same effect. So if your sunglasses do not provide adequate protection, your eyes will be exposed to more UV than usual and will suffer more damage. Excessive exposure can lead to optical health problems. ‘As well as causing damage to the eyes, sunlight also ages the skin around them. The natural reaction to bright sunlight is for us to screw up our eyes, straining the surrounding facial muscles. This causes temporary crow’s feet, which become permanent once the skin’s elastin fibres become damaged by exposure to UV rays.’

Specsavers sun eyecare tips

  • Always use effective sun protection both for prescription and non-prescription glasses¹
  • Ensure your lenses bear the CE kite mark and are UV400 effective. Specsavers stores can run a free UV check
  • Wear your sunglasses even on days with cloud and sun, as UV rays penetrate cloud
  • Try to avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm, when UV rays are most intense
  • Wear big lenses for even more protection
  • Invest in photochromic lenses that instantly adapt to light changes, darkening in bright light
  • Wear sunglasses over your contact lenses as their UV protection does not cover the whole of your eye
  • Ensure that your sunglasses fit properly
  • If you are going on holiday and have prescription sunglasses, take your optician’s phone number with you. If your sunglasses break, your optician can send your prescription to an optician near you so you can get new ones abroad

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