Children are more likely than before to own a tablet or smartphone, and with the need to do home-schooling online, Specsavers in Cambridgeshire have offered to help parents with eye strain that children may have. 

How to spot eye strain

Specsavers Clinical Services Director, Giles Edmonds, says: ‘Eyes are not designed to be fixated on a single object for a long period of time so can often become strained when we focus on screens, especially if they are a smaller laptop, tablet or smart device.

‘While eye strain is uncomfortable, it is not usually serious and tends to ease once you rest your eyes. Symptoms to look out for include eye discomfort, headaches, sore or tired eyes, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, and increased sensitivity to light.’

20:20:20 rule 

To combat these common eye concerns, Mr Edmonds advises parents to encourage their children to have regular breaks and follow the 20:20:20 rule, getting them to look up from their screen every 20 minutes at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds, as this helps relax the eye muscles. 

For any serious eye health concerns with parents or children, please contact your local store who are open for essential care. 

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