When lockdown hit and parents juggled entertaining and home-schooling, mum Nicola Wilkes faced an added dilemma when her son broke his glasses. Nicola contacted the store to see if we could help.

Her son, Finley had broken his glasses – or rather, his sister had when she jumped on them when they came off during a stint on the family’s trampoline!

TV campaign

One good thing has come from this story though. Finley has been picked from thousands of customers to appear in a new nationwide TV advertisement for Specsavers.

His story joins others that bring to life how and why all stores stayed open for essential and urgent care during lockdown. Finley’s mum was relieved to learn that our team could replace Finley’s high prescription glasses.

A word from Nicola

Nicola says: 'Finley certainly was in need of Specsavers’ help and it was such a lovely surprise to hear that he has been picked to feature in the new TV ad. He has been badgering me all week in the run up to it appearing, 'Mummy, when will I be on the telly?'

'His debut is like a time capsule – in the years to come when his own family ask him ‘What did you do during the Covid-19 crisis and what was it like’, he can show them the video. What a wonderful thought that is.'

A word from the store director

Camberley store director, Paul Stimson says: 'It is stories like Finley’s that reinforce why we have remained open for essential and urgent care during this pandemic. This new TV ad is a lovely montage of these heart-felt stories, from my optician colleagues’ perspectives as well as those of our customers.

'It’s a delight to see Finley included and as a store, we are very proud to see his name in lights.'

The advertisement can be viewed online here.

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