Leslie Digby, 62, visited Specsavers in Caerphilly for a routine eye test last year - and discovered he was suffering from a brain tumour.

Mr Digby had no symptoms, but store optometrist, Geraint Jones, noticed that his vision to the side was obscured.

Referred to hospital

Geraint referred Mr Digby for tests at Ystrad Mynach Hospital, which confirmed that a large pituitary tumour was pressing on his optic nerve. These tumours are not always obvious, as they take time to develop and can be confused with other more common ailments.

Quick thinking

After a four-hour operation to remove the tumour, Mr Digby is now waiting for the all clear and thanked Geraint for his quick thinking.

Mr Digby said: ‘I didn’t have any headaches or blurred vision, and so was surprised when Geraint spotted something. I noticed a difference in my eyesight very soon after the operation. I am very grateful to Geraint as without his intervention I may not have realised there was a problem until it was too late.’

Regular eye tests

Geraint said: ‘Mr Digby’s case highlights the importance of regular eye tests, not just to assess your eye health, but also to pick up on more serious underlying health problems. Spotting these warning signs means that conditions can be identified early and effectively treated. We recommend that adults have their eyes tested at least every two years.

‘I am delighted that Mr Digby is on the road to recovery and pleased to have been able to stop his condition becoming any worse. I hope that his story encourages others to make sure they don’t miss their regular check-up.’

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