Specsavers in Brighton and Hove have thrown their weight behind a local road safety campaign encouraging local drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to Focus, Look and Listen.

Encourage paying attention to roads

The campaign, running throughout October, is designed to try to highlight and reduce the number of accidents caused by people not paying attention to the road.

A word from the store directors

Mike Horler, store director in Brighton, said: ‘Far too many accidents are caused by people failing to focus on the job in hand – getting from A to B safely while keeping other road users safe.

'That is why we are pleased to support this campaign urging local drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to pay attention to the road.’

Charles Forshaw, store director in Hove, added: ‘There are many things that can distract us while on the road, but a momentary lapse in concentration can be fatal. That is why it is so important for people to Focus, Look and Listen. And if you are worried that your eyesight could be affecting your driving, you should get an eye test now.’

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