To look after Colwyn Bay children, Specsavers on Seaview Road has donatied high visibility vests to local children's groups. 

5th Llandudno Junction Brownies

As part of an initiative by Specsavers and charity partner Brake to increase the safety of local youngsters, 5th Llandudno Junction Brownies were presented with the vests by Moz Woodward of the Colwyn Bay store. 

Moz says: ‘We are delighted to donate these hi-vis vests to our local children. We know how important safety is to the Brownies, particularly on group trips. 

Challenging time of year

‘This time of year is quite challenging because it’s darker, so visibility is reduced, so ensuring children are more visible to road users and cars is vital.' 

Moz continues: ‘We’re determined to ensure local children are ‘seen and safe’ on dark nights. 

Protecting road users

'We hope these bright easily seen vests will help spread the message of the importance of protecting kids, families and everyone else on roads this autumn and winter.

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