Brian Willis has recently been enjoying the benefits of his new hearing aid from Specsavers Coleraine. He very kindly told our team about how life has changed and how he has rediscovered sounds. We were delighted to receive another update which is reported here.

Brian’s latest instalment

‘Those of you who have been following my hearing aid saga with bated breath might be interested in the latest instalment.’

Remote control

‘I’ve got a new toy. It’s a remote control for my aid. This now means when my wife, Angela, has the TV up too loud, I can reduce the volume of my aid. As a by-product, of course, it also means I can turn my wife down too. Even mute her should I so wish.’

Granny ladies switch

‘But there’s another button and this needs a short explanation. We enjoy outings to a local tea room, Strawberry Fayre, a rather discreet place – no chips and soft guitar background music. It is often populated with a preponderance of blue rinsed elderly deaf granny ladies. Their background burble makes it hard to understand what my wife is saying. So I now have a ‘Granny Ladies’ switch on my remote which filters them out. Bliss.’

Hearing aids to suit every lifestyle

Specsavers audiologist Tracy Carson says, ‘Brian has really got the hang of his hearing aid now and is benefiting from its many features. At Specsavers we have a very wide range of digital hearing aids to suit every lifestyle and budget. We also provide a free aftercare service to ensure that our customers keep getting the most from their hearing aids.’

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