Joanne, 31, recently discovered she needed to have surgery on her eye thanks to a trip to her local opticians. 
The Silver End local had been experiencing flashing and curtains in her eyesight, but due to it coming and going, she originally thought it would get better by itself.

Always get your symptoms checked 
Joanne says: ‘You may think that eye conditions are more common in elderly people and this is what it says online, but it's so important to get your eyes checked whatever age you are.’ 
Miraj Patel, store director in Braintree Specsavers, was able to do a full check up including an OCT which Joanne agreed was fully worth the £10 as it helps to understand more about what is going on. 

At ease with the optician
Joanne continues: ‘I was really nervous about everything but Miraj really put me at ease. He explained everything really well and being able to see it on the OCT scan took a lot of my fears away. I am really grateful that he took the time for me because I know how busy it is at the moment.’
Miraj discovered a retinal tear and was able to refer Joanne straight to the hospital where she had surgery a few days later for the tear and four macular holes. She is now on the road to recovery and feeling much better. 

OCT scans 
Miraj Patel says: ‘It is great to have the hospital-grade OCT machine in store so that we can take a really good look at what is going on with conditions such as Joanne’s. It is so important to get issues like this checked out, even though we are in uncertain times due to Coronavirus.'
‘We are pleased to offer many different services during this difficult time, such as Remote Care, Ask the Expert and emergency appointments for those who need to come into store, so please do call us if you have any concerns.’ 

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