Louise Cook, 34 from Bradford is urging more locals to ensure they make regular trips to the opticians, after a tumour at the back of her eye was spotted during a routine appointment.

Mole at the back of eye

Louise booked a routine eye check-up at Specsavers on Darley Street in Bradford. Miss Cook had not suffered from any eye problems previously, but had been informed over nine years ago that she had a mole at the back of her eye. However, it wasn’t a cause for concern at the time.

She commented: ‘Having spent the last few years living outside of the UK, I decided to make a routine eye appointment when I got back home last year. I had not been suffering from any eye problems, but during the appointment the optician, Mohammed Imran, confirmed that he wasn’t happy with what he saw and that the mole that we had known about, had grown in size.

‘The optician confirmed that he wanted to refer me straight to Bradford Royal Infirmary Hospital, but at that time, I thought he was just being over cautious.’

Suspected tumour

Following a full examination at Bradford Royal Infirmary Hospital, the consultant confirmed that Louise had a suspected tumour and she would need to be referred for immediate treatment at Sheffield hospital.

Miss Cook continued: ‘When the consultant at Sheffield confirmed that they were going to be treating me for a tumour, it hit me how serious the situation had become'.

Given the all clear

A few weeks after her initial appointment at Specsavers, Louise went in for radiation treatment, in order to reduce the size of the tumour. Following a recent appointment, Louise has been given the all clear as the tumour has decreased in size and her sight has in fact improved as a result.

When asked what advice Louise would like to pass onto others, she commented: ‘I didn’t think I had anything wrong with my eyes, but I ended up needing immediate treatment.

If I’d not had my eyes tested, then who knows? Within a few months I could have lost my sight, or worse.

‘I’d urge more people to go and get their eyes tested – you get other parts of your body regularly checked, why not your eyes! It’s a thing you often neglect as it had been three to four years since my last check-up. I’d like to say thank you to the team at Specsavers as the service I received was outstanding. I’d certainly recommend more people visit the team in Bradford. I’d also like to thank the staff at BRI, Sheffield Royal Hallamshire and the support I’ve received from family, friends and Bradford Cancer Support Services.’

Opticians view

Optical director, Mike Dearlove at Bradford Darley Street Specsavers, comments: ‘We had previously spotted Miss Cook’s mole at the back of her eye, year’s before. When we discovered it had grown in size, we knew something wasn’t right and that she needed to get this seen to at the hospital immediately.

‘Louise came in to see us for a routine eye examination and it just goes to show how important it is to get your eyes tested on a regular basis.

Eye tests also test your health

People think eye tests are only to test your vision, but regular optical checks, at least every two years, can help discover any underlying health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even cardiovascular disease. Eye examinations last just 30 minutes and can really help find any early signs of a medical condition. 

‘I cannot stress how important it is for people to have their eyes tested regularly - at least every two years. Your eyes are literally the window to your health.

‘We’re pleased that Louise is now back to her normal routine and she regularly visits the store to thank the team for their support.’

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