Two members of staff from Bootle Specsavers spent the day at Sefton Council's Senior Road User's event at Bootle Cricket Ground earlier this month to offer advice and guidance on eye health, particularly regarding the importance of having regular eye tests. 

Samantha Wildman and Mathew Robinson from the store were at the event with Sefton Council along with the local Police and Fire Service. 

Roads are busier than ever

There is currently more traffic on the roads than ever before with over 35 million registered vehicles in the UK compared with only 12 million in the 1970s.  The increase in congestion, plus deteriorating eyesight, longer reaction times and even the use of prescribed medication are affecting many over 60s ability to drive as confidently as they once did, resulting in the number of road traffic accidents involving this age group rising.

Advice and support to ensure safer roads

 The Sefton Senior Road User’s Event, led by the Council’s Highway Safety Team, aims to ensure that road users get the advice and support they need to keep themselves and others safe on the borough’s roads.

Steve Johnston, Team Leader for Highways Safety said: “We know that many people are now healthier, living longer and enjoying a better level of independence as they grow older with 3.9 million drivers aged 70+ compared to 2.2 million in 1992.

“However, it is important that those over the age of 60 take the necessary steps to ensure that they are aware of any physical changes that could put them or others at risk when on the road.

 “We hope that direct interventions, such as this event, will help tackle and reduce road accidents within the borough.”

Great event for senior drivers

Cllr John Fairclough, Cabinet Member for Locality Services, said: “This is a great event that will challenge the preconceptions held by many regarding the effects of age on driving.

 “It is important that those over 60 enjoy their independence and our Highways Safety Team will be on hand to ensure that older residents have the support and advice they need to continue driving safely on our roads.”

Mathew Robinson, manager at Specsavers in Bootle said: 'It was great to be at the event to educate about eye health and driver safety and to also further build important links with our local community."

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