Mat Slosiar, a restaurant worker has taken his love for glasses to the next level as he celebrates becoming a semi-finalist in the Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition.

Proud specs wearer

Mat admitted that he used to pretend that he had bad eye sight to be prescribed glasses because he so desperately wanted to wear them.

Mat commented on being shortlisted in the competition: ‘I just think this competition is amazing and I’m so excited to have been selected as a semi-finalist!'

Finishing touches

‘I wear glasses because they complete my look and give me confidence whenever I put them on. Technically I wear them for driving but I love to wear them at work and when I’m out with friends.

‘My family thought I was crazy when I was a child because I constantly asked for glasses but I just loved wearing them.’


Mat qualified in the 25-34 age category and attended a prize presentation at the store where he received a certificate, bottle of champagne and a £150 eye wear voucher.

Store director, Jo McLean thinks Mat is fantastic. ‘He genuinely loves his glasses and is so enthusiastic and supportive of our charity partner Kidscape.’

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