Be a safe London driver

09 November, 2016
Specsavers in London urges drivers to test vision this winter
Is your night vision what it should be?

With many dark nights ahead of us, Specsavers in London is reminding London drivers to get their vision checked if they have any concerns.

The importance of good vision for drivers
Fading night vision can be serious, particularly with older motorists and unfortunately, many of us are guilty of being too busy to have our twice-yearly eye examinations. But did you know that some eye conditions can creep up on us slowly, and that you could be unaware that your sight is slowly declining?

Why night time driving can be hazardous
When you are behind the wheel, you are making lots of decisions and have a second or two – or less - to react quickly enough to prevent a traffic accident. If sight isn’t as it should be, this reaction process will be slower.

What makes night time driving difficult?
Our pupils shrink and do not dilate as much in the dark when we age, and this means there is a reduced amount of light entering the eye. The retina of an older person will receive less light those younger individuals so the effect can be likened to wearing sunglasses at night-when behind the wheel. Other conditions can make night time driving difficult. Heavy rain, for example and night glare of street lights and oncoming traffic can make it harder to see pedestrians, reflective road signs, cyclists and objects in the road.

If in doubt, pop into your nearest London Specsavers
If you haven’t had your twice-yearly eye examination, now is the time to act. Your friendly team of London opticians are here to hear your concerns and ensure your vision isn’t making you, or others, unsafe on London roads.

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