Specsavers in Barry has agreed to sponsor Romilly Bowls Club as council budget cuts continue to place the 111-year-old sports club under threat.

‘Social hub’ for members

Specsavers in Barry - in collaboration with the Cardiff audiology team - will sponsor the club for the next 12 months.

The club, which has 70 members, is one of dozens of sport groups in the region being asked to cover the costs of their sports facilities following budget cuts from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Graham Cogbill, chairman at Romilly Bowls Club, says: ‘Our club has been a social hub for many of our members for decades and is a great way for the older people in our community to get some basic exercise. The budgetary changes may put a complete stop to this.’

To survive, the club needs to raise more than £15,000 a year to cover the maintenance of the green and other associated costs. While some of this will be made up from fees, there is still a significant shortfall to be filled and the club is reluctant to double or triple members’ payments.

‘We are so grateful for the support of Specsavers’ optical and audiology teams in Barry and Cardiff, as their donations will edge us closer to our target and hopefully ensure we can continue to serve the community we love,’ Mr Cogbill adds.

Support the cause

Jamie Pullen, director of Specsavers in Barry, says: ‘After hearing about the club’s story and meeting the organisers directly, it was clear that we needed to do something to help.

‘With the support of James Deavall, Specsavers retail director in Cardiff, we have been able to do our bit for the cause and try to ensure the people of Barry and the surrounding areas have a bowls club to call their own.’

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