The Barrhead opticians has donated 20 large print books, worth almost £300, to the local library in Barrhead Foundry.

The books are printed in larger text, which is easier for those with visual impairments to read.

Fantastic resource for the local community

Store director at Specsavers in Barrhead, Gail Thompson, visited the library to officially unveil the new collection. Gail said: ‘Barrhead Foundry has been a fantastic resource for the local community since it opened last year.

‘We wanted to show our support for the facility and were very pleased to have the opportunity to donate the books and bolster the library’s collection of material for those with visual impairments in Barrhead.’

Providing new titles for the community to enjoy

Anthony McReavy, chief executive at East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust said: ‘Large print books are an incredibly valuable resource to many of our customers with visual impairments. They enable those who love reading to continue to do so and are very popular, with more than 880 large print titles issued between April and December last year at the library.

‘Specsavers’ very kind donation has enabled us to add to our current collection – providing our customers with new titles to enjoy.’

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