Locals are being urged to donate their old, unwanted glasses to Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) which aims to improve the eye health of those less fortunate in the developing world.

Supporting VAO with the help of the community

The Specsavers Ayr store has donated an estimated 1,700 pairs of specs in the past year with the help of the community.

Store director Linda Fulton, explains why these donations are so vital, and said: ‘In Britain we are used to having access to excellent eyecare on our high streets but many people in developing countries are not as lucky so it’s important we do what we can to improve eye health there.

‘Specs wearers in Ayr have already helped us to donate a fantastic number of frames in the past year. We send a box of glasses every six weeks to Vision Aid Overseas. It would be fantastic to collect even more next year.’

Donating old specs

Locals can get involved in the ongoing appeal by dropping their old frames into the store in the High Street, where they will find VAO collection boxes. The glasses are recycled and the money raised is used to fund the charity’s work in developing countries. This includes giving people much needed eye tests and treatment, and training up local optometrists.

With the help of Specsavers, the international charity is committed to providing eyecare for people living in Zambia. Previously, there had been very limited provision for the one in four Zambians who desperately require it, with just a handful of qualified optometrists serving the 12million population.

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