A Spectacle Wearer of the Year finalist has travelled to Cameroon to aid health professionals working with people with hearing difficulties.

Raising awareness of hearing problems

Amina Abonde-Adigun, who works as a paediatric audiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust, is taking part in the month-long trip, organised with Specsavers Audiologists’ national charity partner Sound Seekers, to work at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital.

Sound Seekers is dedicated to helping deaf people, particularly children, in the poorest communities of the developing world.

During her trip, Amina is helping to train hospital staff to teach them the essentials of caring for people with hearing difficulties. She is also helping to develop Sound Seekers’ Primary Ear and Hearing Care Project, which aims to raise awareness of the problems that can lead to hearing loss and deafness in Cameroon, as well as the best ways to prevent, manage and treat these problems.

A word from Amina

Amina explained: ‘At present, there are no local audiologists in Cameroon so the work we do during our trip is vital to train the locals with audiology skills. In the UK, we take our health services for granted but unfortunately in Cameroon audiology services are very limited. By empowering local medical staff with greater ear care knowledge, we hope to help more people overcome the effects of deafness and promote the prevention of hearing loss.’

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