The team at Lincoln High Street is introducing what is believed to be the first ‘autism friendly’ shop in the county.

The initiative was actually suggested by optical assistant, Tracy Orchard and since then, staff at the store have been in training to ensure the specific needs of autistic people are met and create the right environment to make them feel comfortable.

The store has been working closely with local autistic organisations, including CANadda, Gain, Paact, Lincolnshire Autistic Society in addition to supporting Children with Autism.

A welcoming experience in store

From August 2017, Specsavers will offer a service to all autistic customers, which will not only include the building but the way staff approach individuals and the surrounding noise.

The team is also launching colorimetry testing, with consultations available to ascertain if overlays or specially tinted glasses can help alleviate some dyslexic or visual stress symptoms.

Store manager Nigel Taylor said: ‘Our aim is to make the experience as welcoming and calming as possible and we would be delighted if our template was picked up by others shops and stores in Lincoln and beyond.’

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