Tag: audiology

Tag: audiology

13 January, 2016
The new Specsavers Hearing Check app uses speech in noise checks to quickly indicate a level of hearing loss

Specsavers Audiologists has launched a new app to help check your hearing.

Quick checks

The app, which is available to download for free on the App and Play store on iOS or Android devices, carries out a short check of approximately two minutes and provides an indication as to whether the person being tested would benefit from a full, free hearing test at their local Specsavers Audiologists.

Speech in noise technology

15 December, 2015

Specsavers hearing customers can now book their audiology appointments via a new online service.

Online booking

The easy to use, four-step service allows customers to locate their nearest Specsavers Audiologists, select the nature of their appointment, and book a time with an audiologist that best suits them. The interactive platform helps customers stay on top of their hearing health by being able to book regular checks from their laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

A word from the professionals

16 November, 2015
Staff from the Royal Voluntary Service collect their cheque from Laura Goodwin

Hearing centres across North Wales have joined forces with Royal Voluntary Service to help raise awareness of age related hearing loss, with generous customers donating £900 to the cause. 

Listen Out

13 November, 2015
Specsavers audiologists hosted event to raise awareness of the impact of hearing loss at Christmas time

With the run up to Christmas in full swing, it’s easy to forget that for many, the festive period can unfortunately be a sad and lonely time.

Social isolation

To raise awareness of the social isolation caused by hearing loss, Specsavers hosted ‘Silent Night’ where top journalists and bloggers were able to truly understand just how lonely hearing loss can be.

13 November, 2015

A Dragons Den entrepreneur is backing Specsavers’ Hearing Centres’ charity partner by championing a campaign to improve access issues for deaf people with hearing dogs.

Increasing awareness of UK businesses

Deborah Meaden has teamed up with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to raise awareness of the challenges faced by Hearing Dogs recipients when out and about in their local towns.

13 November, 2015
Matthew Lunney, from Northampton, and his Hearing Dog Joe were awarded the Specsavers Heroic Partnership of the year award

Specsavers has once again sponsored the annual Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s awards, which were this year hosted by Dame Esther Rantzen.

Inspiring stories

The glittering event, which champions owners and the Hearing Dogs themselves, awarded a number of recipients in an evening of inspirational stories.

And one story certainly pulled at the heart strings of everyone in the room.

Specsavers’ Heroic Partnership of the Year

11 November, 2015

The sounds of our cities can be as distinctive as the sights and smells, but have you ever wondered what noise really is synonymous with your city?

Surveying the nation

In a recent survey by Specsavers Hearing Centres, 2,000 UK residents were asked to name the most reminiscent sounds associated with the nation’s urban spaces. Hearing the chimes of Big Ben was voted as the UK’s most significant sound, with 81% saying it was the first sound they recalled when they thought of the capital.

10 November, 2015

Staff at Specsavers on Queen Street have raised more than £32 for the Royal Voluntary Service to help raise awareness of age related-hearing loss.

‘Listen Out’ campaign

03 November, 2015
National Coastwatch volunteer stars in latest Specsavers TV advert

A National Coastwatch left behind her watch tower to star in the latest Specsavers Hearing Centres TV advert.

Star of the show

71-year-old grandmother of five, Pearl Marsland, was so impressed with her Specsavers hearing aids that she agreed to star in the latest television commercial to encourage others not to ignore their hearing loss.

Dorset-based Pearl has experienced hearing loss for two decades before doing anything about it, and in the ad she urges others to consider a hearing check too so that they can truly make the most of life.

02 November, 2015
North Finchley Specsavers Audiologists charity bake sale

North Finchley hearing centre has raised vital funds by hosting a charity event to help children in developing nations.

Worthy charity

Specsavers Hearing Centre North Finchley accepted donations for Sound Seekers on the 19th September, a charity dedicated to helping people, especially the young, who are deaf or hard of hearing in the world’s poorest communities. 

Tasty treats