Tag: audiology

Tag: audiology

03 March, 2017
A Specsavers customer during a routine hearing test

World Hearing Day held on the 3 March aims to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care across the world.

With more than three million search results for natural ear cleaning solutions online it’s clear that many people know it’s a good idea to keep your ears clean. After all, blocked ears can feel uncomfortable and can cause temporary hearing loss.

Advice during World Hearing Day

20 February, 2017
Specsavers Bedford receive IQIPS accreditation

Specsavers Audiologists in Bedford and Biggleswade have been recognised for their continually improving service.

The stores have received the Improving Quality in Physiological Service (IQIPS) accreditation following a two day assessment across both locations and their outpatient services.

Impressive feedback

17 February, 2017

In line with increased demand the team at Specsavers in Worcester has extended its hearing clinic to run seven days a week.

Customers are now able to see a hearing audiologist on a Sunday between 9am and 5pm, alongside the other days in the week.

‘We decided to open on a Sunday to give our customers more choice and accessibility and it’s already proving to be extremely popular,’ said Mike Walker, store director.

‘It’s worth remembering that hearing tests are free at Specsavers, so there’s no excuse for not ensuring that your hearing is up to scratch.’

17 February, 2017
British Tinnitus Association logo

Last week was Tinnitus Awareness Week and Hadrian Harris, hearing director at Specsavers Canterbury, decided to raise awareness of the condition by discussing five things people might not know about tinnitus. 

1. The word ‘tinnitus’ comes from the Latin word for ‘ringing’ and is an awareness of sound in the ears or head, which does not correspond to an external source.

08 February, 2017
A routine hearing test

Spotting irregularities

To carry out a hearing test, we use an instrument called a video otoscope. This allows us to see inside the ear so we can look for any irregularities.

This also means that the customer can see inside their own drum, often for the first time ever. When we look inside someone’s ear, we are usually investigating any problems which might be affecting the person’s hearing.

06 February, 2017
Specsavers offers advice on how to manage tinnitus

Tinnitus affects 10 per cent of adults in the UK*. You might be familiar with the temporary ringing in your ears after attending a loud concert or sporting event, but for some, the struggle with this constant internal buzzing affects their life on a daily basis.

Permanent damage can affect anyone as a result from just one instance of over exposure to loud noise. In recognition of British Tinnitus Association’s, Tinnitus Awareness Week, Specsavers chief audiologist, Nick Taylor, offers some guidance on managing tinnitus, which currently has no known cure.

16 January, 2017
Specsavers ‘big ear’ character

Staff at Specsavers Livingston held an action packed fun-day to help raise awareness of the audiology services available in-store.

Your questions answered

The audiology service, which launched in June 2016, set up a stand outside the store with various information leaflets and giveaways such as pens, trolley tokens and mini zip bags.

Customers were greeted by the Specsavers ‘big ear’ character who was raising awareness with a local representative from Phonak Hearing Systems to answer any questions about their hearing aids.

10 January, 2017
New rechargeable hearing aid Cellion primax available at Specsavers

Specsavers stores across the country are now stocking the world’s first hearing aid with rechargeable batteries.

One of the latest innovations in hearing aid technology the Signia Cellion primax means that users no longer have to worry about replacing the batteries every few days.


With a battery life of 24 hours between charges, the Cellion primax offers hearing aid wearers a complete day of clear hearing before a very straightforward contactless recharging process.

06 January, 2017
Hearing test with an audiologist at Specsavers

The team of audiologists in store has pulled together a Q and A to explain more about hearing loss.

 Q: How do we lose our hearing?

A: There are various ways that hearing can get worse. Exposure to very loud sounds or prolonged and repeated exposure to loud noise can cause permanent damage. Everyone’s hearing will deteriorate at some stage. Typically it’s the higher frequencies we lose first, making it difficult to distinguish speech from background sounds. Initial signs of hearing loss can include ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus.

04 January, 2017
Hearcare Director Cherri and Bryan reunite

A profoundly deaf grandfather of seven has spoken about the life-changing moment he had his cochlear implant turned on live on national television, saying he feels like he is ‘finally alive again.’

Isolation from loved ones 
Bryan Underwood (78) from Wisbech was one of the participants in Channel 4’s recent cutting-edge documentary Breaking the Silence Live which allowed viewers to witness the reactions of a group of deaf people having their hearing restored.