The Ashton store is celebrating a major boost for its charity campaign to help the people of Zambia to see clearly after collecting more than 2,600 donations of unwanted glasses from its customers in 2016.

Vision Aid Overseas

Working with Vision Aid Overseas, staff and customers at Specsavers Ashton have shown their generosity by bringing a record-number of old glasses to the store for donation over the last year. 

The project has been hugely successful in 2016, and the team is hopeful that donations will continue to be received throughout the year.

Store director, James Richardson, says: ‘We would like to thank all of our customers who helped us in this project recently and please do keep bringing in your glasses. Every single one will make a difference.

‘In a country where opticians’ services are readily available, such as the UK, it is easy to take our vision for granted. In the developing world, the provision of optical services has a real impact on peoples’ lives.’

Donated glasses

All the collected glasses are recycled and the money made is used to help provide eyecare in developing countries.

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