Thanks to specialist equipment, customers visiting Specsavers in Wellington can now benefit from a potentially life-saving camera, fields machine and autorefractor.

Digital retinal photography

Digital retinal photography is a specialised microscope with an attached digital camera, which takes a digital image of the back of the eye, known as the fundus. The images can help with the early detection and monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, inflammatory disorders, as well as heart disease, high cholesterol, detached retinas and high blood pressure.

Fields machine

The fields machine detects problems in central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions such as glaucoma or neurological deficits. Visual field testing is performed by keeping your eyes fixed while presenting objects at various places within your visual field.


The autorefractor machine measures the ability of focus in your eyes and gives an approximation of your prescription. This is performed by looking into the machine through two lenses and focussing on a picture. The autorefractor machine then brings the picture closer and further away; as it does this, it calculates an estimation of your prescription with how well your eyes focus on the image.

A word from the store director

‘All this is brought together by our experienced team of optometrists, who will be able to advise on the most suitable options for you – contacts, single vision specs or varifocals’ said Satinder Sidhu, store director. ‘We are proud to have the latest equipment at Specsavers in Wellington to provide best quality eye care for people in the community.’

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