The team at Specsavers Halesowen focussed on hearing on Friday (6 May) while showing their support for Hearing Dogs.

Providing advice and information about hearing health and the benefits of modern digital hearing aids, staff also served up tasty treats in return for donations and raised £36 for the charity.

Importance of hearing tests

‘Regular testing is crucial to maintaining good hearing, and our awareness day was all about bringing this issue to customers’ attention,’ said hearing champion, Lorraine Chew. ‘Because your hearing can fade gradually, people often put it down to age and it can be difficult to notice any problems. In fact, in most cases, friends and family will often pick up on your hearing loss before you do!

‘We also raised some money for Hearing Dogs on the day, which is a fantastic charity supporting deaf people across the UK.’

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity that provides dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and reduce the isolation of deafness. For more information, visit

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