Having captured the hearts of Wokingham locals last month after revealing how her mischievous puppy, Pebble, ate her glasses during lockdown, Chloe Jackson is now starring in a new national TV advert for Specsavers.

Pebble’s antics caught the attention of Specsavers’ in-house creative agency and the duo made their TV debut on Saturday 13 June when the ad, which tells the story of store colleagues and customers during lockdown, aired on ITV1.

However, it was only when the team got in touch with the family to share the good news that they found out that the pup had stuck again.

The dog ate my glasses…again

Estelle Jackson, Chloe’s mother, said: ‘I was mortified when I found out that Pebble had eaten Chloe’s glasses again and I was embarrassed at the thought of having to tell the store!

'Although Chloe isn’t back at school yet, she spends a lot of time on her laptop reading and typing, so she really needs glasses to learn properly and see. So, I had to call on the superheroes at Specsavers Wokingham again.

'They immediately ordered new frames and put the lenses Chloe needs to one side so they can make her a new pair.'

Sean Caskey, store partner at Specsavers Wokingham, said: 'We’re really pleased for Chloe to have had her story selected for the ‘big screen’.

'It’s no surprise as the dog makes a good villain of the story. ‘We’ve made Chloe’s second pair of specs now, as her last replacements were chomped - and I think we’ll be providing a tin of dog food with this pair.'

Specsavers Wokingham helping the community see better

Specsavers’ new ad tells the story of store colleagues and some of their customers during lockdown when its doors were closed apart from offering urgent and essential care, and shows how store staff had to change the way they worked to help people outside the normal test room environment - offering eye and hearing care for people in car parks, on doorsteps and at picnic tables.

Estelle said: 'We’re so pleased to be asked to feature in the advert and be given the opportunity to publicly thank the team who’ve been helping Wokingham see clearly throughout lockdown. And Chloe’s really looking forward to being able to show Pebble off on TV.

'I promise we’ll keep Chloe’s new glasses safe.'

To watch the full advert, click here

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