Good eyesight is imperative to road safety which is why Specsavers has made a longstanding commitment to promoting the importance of clear vision behind the wheel.

Founder Dame Mary Perkins says: ‘Our roads are busier than ever and poor vision presents a daily threat to the safety of millions of road users. Yet research is constantly reminding us that, as a nation, we are failing to meet even the minimum standards of vision for safe driving.’

Specsavers works closely with national charity, Brake, proactively supporting initiatives to raise awareness among motorists and local communities of the importance of regular eye examinations and always driving with prescription eyewear if needed.

Building on its sponsorship of Road Safety Week 2012 Specsavers is donating tens of thousands of high-viz waistcoats to school kids throughout the UK to ensure they are safer when out and about in the community.

The Specsavers Drive Safe road show tours county shows and town centres across the country with its specially designed trailer.

Visitors to the trailer are invited to receive free vision and hearing screening, with experts on hand to answer any questions.

Specsavers and Brake are also working together to urge the government to support their call for more regular compulsory eye examinations for drivers and for drivers to carry a spare pair of glasses in their vehicle at all times.

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