A sight for sore eyes in Chichester

03 July, 2015
Chichester store staff with their glasses collection for Vision Aid Overseas
Chichester store staff have collected over 300 pairs of used or unwanted glasses for Vision Aid Overseas

Over 300 pairs of glasses have been collected by Specsavers in Chichester to help provide eyecare to people in Zambia.

Transforming eyecare services

The store, located at 65 East Street, has been asking people to hand in their old and unused glasses for the charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) which works in Africa to transform eyecare services.

Opportunities for people in Zambia

Specsavers Chichester store director, Rhys Williams said: 'We couldn't be more grateful to Chichester residents for their generosity. We want to encourage more people to donate and are pushing to hit a target of 500 pairs of glasses by the end of July. Our community is helping provide vital health supplies to people who don't have the same access to services we have.'

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