Szabina received a telephone call from a lady who was very upset. Her father who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer was struggling with his new varifocals and finding it very difficult to read. 

Being housebound we arranged for two members of staff, Zowie and Maria, to visit the gentleman at his home. It was clear he wasn’t going to get along with the varifocals and had no real need for them any longer so we arranged for a free replacement pair of readers to be made up asap.

Zowie and Maria returned to the house to fit the specs and ensure the patient was happy. The daughter was very emotional and presented them with this lovely thank you letter and a box of chocolates:

‘Thank you for resolving my dad’s dilemma. There is a huge chance he won’t be here at the end of January and this is such a gift to help him with the pleasure of reading the paper. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and with you all the best.

Szabina gets the first choice of chocolates. I will be in personally to thank you all once I feel comfortable leaving the house.

A very very grateful daughter.’

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