David tells us about his day and what it’s like working at the Brixton store.

Q: How long have you been with Brixton Specsavers? Had you always been interested in Optics?

A: I've been in Brixton for 2 and a half years, and had an interest in Optics for over 5 years.

Q: What time did you start in store this morning, and what was the first thing you did? It can be anything from having a cup of coffee, to turning the lights on!

A: Arrived at 8:15 to start at 8:20. I smiled to myself before taking a step into the store to greet my colleagues.

Q: What responsibility were you allocated this morning?

A: My responsibility was Clinic Management. This involves ensuring our busy store's clinics run smoothly. 

Q: What did you do on your lunch break?

A: Where did you go? I ate chicken – 2 breasts and 4 wings as I'm on a 'seefood' diet! I stayed in the staff room enjoying the banter.

Q: When did you feel at your busiest today?

A: Children's clinic between 4 and 5 is always hectic. 

Q: Was there a moment that stood out for you today? Anything memorable?

A: Yes – when Ebrahim came down the stairs proudly wearing his Precision Eyecare Tee shirt, looking like a celebrity. 

Q:On the whole, what do you enjoy most working for Specsavers?

Being able to work more as a Family, rather than just a Team

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