We were deeply touched to receive this letter of praise from a customer:

"I entered the Abbeycentre store in an immense amount of pain and unable to open my right eye. On arrival your staff showed the highest form of professionalism in helping me sort out my eye and to give me the correct advice as to whether to go to hospital or not.

I was extremely upset and in a lot of pain, as well as my mother being upset over what was happening to me. Your staff showed so much care in reassuring us and keeping me calm and helping me in any way they could.

I ended up having to go to hospital but because of the professionalism and care of your staff I didn't have to wait that long, not only because they wrote a report for the nurses at the hospital but they also advised me on the royal due to them having the correct doctor who could deal with my eye.

I work in a customer facing environment and I have never come across such outstanding service as this and these staff members are the definition of perfect customer service!

Thanks to your staff a traumatic and scary ordeal was made that bit easier and should be applauded.

Name withheld, Newtownabbey

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