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Face mask fashion tips for glasses wearers

As face coverings and masks become everyday essentials, this only creates more opportunity for glasses wearers to express their personal style through accessorising.

Face masks can be styled to complement your glasses, or clashed with bold colours and patterns to create an on-trend look. Switch-up your style by experimenting with new combinations of frames and face masks, or find that winning combo that perfectly captures your personality. The anonymity of a mask may even encourage you to be more daring with your frame and styling choice.

The combinations are endless, so to help you find your fit, our experts give their run-down of 7 trendy ways to style your frames with a face mask.

Let your glasses do the talking

Communicating can be a little trick when wearing a mask — so why not let your glasses do the talking with a bold or retro pattern? Animal print is an autumn-winter staple, and these Viktor & Rolf glasses with vibrant tortoiseshell pattern and teardrop frames are just the pair to see you through the season. With show-stopping, chunky sides that boast a vibrant pattern, we suggest pairing with a plain block-colour mask — try all black or neutral tones to compliment the colours in the print.

‘Mask’ a statement

Statement masks with patterns can also be a great way of expressing your personality. Our styling tip is to pair a statement mask with smaller frames, like these rectangular Tommy Hilfiger glasses. They’re simple but smart, and the strong, black brow line makes them stylish in their own right when the masks eventually come off. The semi-rimless design combined with taking up less face space means they will also complement and soften the bolder structure of a pleated face mask.

Colour clash

Have you considered clashing the colour of your glasses with your mask? We’ve seen Holly Willoughby pairing lilac with teal, and Heidi Klum clash hot pink with red. The risk of clashing clothes in an outfit tends to pay off and looks great, so we recommend applying the same rule to your glasses.

Dare to pair a brightly coloured frame with an equally bold coloured face mask. Or, why not clash this strong red frame with a soft pastel pink — these Specsavers Scarlet frames are our top pick.

Dare to be different

Wearing clashing prints is a tried-and-tested style trend — so why not apply it to your face mask fashion too? Try mixing things up a little by wearing two contrasting, vibrant patterns on your glasses as well as your face masks. One foolproof way to cohesively clash two prints together is to stay within the same colour palette for both.

Clashing prints can be sometimes intimidating so if you’re unsure at first, begin with boldly-patterned glasses on a thinner frame, like these Specsavers Harriet glasses. Their teardrop-shaped glasses use colourful patterned rims to catch the eye, however they’re still lightweight enough to achieve a casual, everyday look once you take the mask off

A pop of colour

Using small pops of colour is an understated way to effortlessly dress up your glasses with a face mask. Combine a pair of glasses with hints of colour with a darker-coloured mask to draw out the hues in more intriguing frames.

These Specsavers Athena tortoiseshell frames flash a vivid, kaleidoscopic palette which is undoubtedly a focal point. The rectangular shape of the rims references a more traditional style, so they’re perfect for people who want to keep their glasses and face mask pairings simple but stylish.

A dark mask can act as a backdrop to truly maximise the glasses’ fashion potential. Or, why not pick out your favourite colour from the frames and find a mask to match? If you didn’t notice the intricate colours before, you will now!

What glasses?

If you are feeling apprehensive about your face being overcrowded with too much at once, give a clear frame a try. Transparent frames are super stylish, and fantastic for opening up the face. These Kylie Minogue glasses, are made from clear plastic for a barely-there look. Their subtle cat-eye style is timeless, and its pale pink hue ensures they will look great alone, as well as paired up with a funky face mask.

Fashion-forward frames

If busy patterns and colour are not your style, or you would prefer to subtly match your mask and glasses, these chunky Specsavers frames could be just what you’re looking for. Their bold, square silhouette is a retro nod back to the oversized styles of the 80s, while their all-black colourway brings them right up-to-date. Try wearing thick-rimmed glasses with a fitted black mask to achieve an effortlessly chic look. 

For more practical mask tips for glasses wearers, see our guides on how to stop your glasses fogging up with a mask, and how to combat mask-associated dry eye.

If we’ve inspired you to experiment with face mask fashion, you can use our virtual tool to try on any of our glasses frames to find which suits you best. For more glasses styling tips, check out our #LoveGlasses Blog.