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Katarzyna Ring is our Spectacle Wearer of the Year winner!

This year we received thousands of amazing entries for our annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition, where we asked the public to tell us why they love wearing their glasses.

Scroll down to find out more about this year's winner Katarzyna Ring and how she feels about wearing her glasses. 

Katarzyna Ring was one of our eight finalists, winning the #instastyle category in the competition. Our celebrity judging panel then got together at the official awards ceremony to decide which finalist would be crowned Spectacle Wearer of the Year and win the £10,000 prize money.  

Katarzyna was chosen as this year's winner as she clearly knows how to rock a stylish pair of glasses and loves to use her specs as an accessory to complement her everyday style. 

"I'm actually from Poland originally, I was born there and I lived there until I was about 18 years old. I run my own business, I have a t-shirt company that I run all by myself. I'm a screen printer so I print onto clothing and that's what I do for fun and for a living." 

"I've always been very crafty, so instead of getting t-shirts printed somewhere, I figured that I would just do it myself. My t-shirts are mainly things to do with a vegan lifestyle because I'm vegan."

"It's really amazing to be part of this event because I love wearing my glasses, they're a piece of jewellery for me. I like to wear a lot of colour, I like to have fun with what I wear and I like to be a little bit quirky as well."

Photo credit: Dan Kennedy