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Meet the designer: Joshua Teodoro

Meet one of the talented designers behind our new Design Collective range.

Joshua Teodoro is studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University and impressed our panel of judges with his unique glasses designs, inspired by his love of space travel. 

'Glasses are an essential for me because my eyesight is really bad! I wear specs because I like the look and feel like it completes my outfit. I've always been good at sketching and people always thought I was going to be an artist so industrial design comes naturally for me.' 

'If you look at the glasses you can see a red stripe and if you look at astronaut spacesuits you'll see a red stripe on the leg. I find space interesting because in a way it's a metaphor for the creative process in that it's all about exploration.' 

'When I saw the glasses at the factory I was really impressed because they looked so good. The finish on the frames was amazing, the tolerances were good. It was my first time visiting a factory so it was really cool to see people working on my frames.' 

'I'm used to designing all kinds of things and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could design glasses. I found designing specs interesting because it's all about the artistry and creativity.'

'I've always liked to tinker with stuff throughout my studies at university. Now that I've seen my frames in the Design Collective range I think I'd love to have another go at designing another pair.'

Check out more from Joshua @josh.teodoro