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Danish footballer, Kasper Schmeichel, on Tommy Hilfiger and personal style

Danish footballer, Kasper Schmeichel is a goalkeeper for the Denmark national team and Premier League club Leicester City, and is also an ambassador for designer brand, Tommy Hilfiger. Specsavers sat down with him to chat all about how Tommy Hilfiger represents his style, why good eyesight is important for him, and where you might find him when he’s not on the pitch... 

Why are you the ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger and what is the brand for you?

"It’s one of the best brands in the world and one I’m extremely excited to partner with. I am highly selective with who I work with and when Tommy asked the question it was a straight yes. I admire the brand & of course their products. "

What is your favourite pair of glasses from the Tommy Hilfiger collection? 

"That's a hard one! To be honest changes quite a bit, but as of right favourite  is TH SUN RX 39."

How would you style these glasses?

"It totally is effected by the occasion & my outfit. If I'm travelling to and from training it's more casual. If I'm out shopping or with my family I'd probably go for the TH SUN RX 39."

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses in daily life?


How important is good eyesight for you as a goalkeeper? And do you check your eyes often (every two years)?

"It goes without saying how important my eyesight is! I get them checked once a year."

What fun fact about yourself can you share?

"I love cooking. If I wasn't a footballer I think you'd find me working in one of the best restaurants in Denmark. And we have a few back home!"

What do you like to do in your free time?

"Well, cooking is one, but just taking a minute to pause, relax & recharge is very important."

What positive life lesson would you like to share?

"Nothing in life is straight forward. There will be challenges along the way in any path you take. But what makes you achieve your goals is how you reset & plan a new path forward."

What drew you to working with Tommy Hilfiger?

"It's a brand I've admired since a young boy. The logo is incredibly iconic and the brand is globally loved. It's an honour to be a part of the Tommy Hilfiger family."

Many footballers are known for their love of fashion and have been ambassadors for fashion houses – why do you think that is?

"The lines between music, fashion & sport are becoming more and more blurred as the world of popular culture collide. Models wanna be footballers and footballers wanna become models. This will only continue."

Does a love of fashion run in the family?

"Have you seen my dad?"

What’s your go to look this summer?

"My look this summer will be my Danish national team top! A look I love. Let’s hope it brings us luck at the Euros!"

In your opinion, what makes the perfect pair of sunglasses?

"Something that works with a range of styles. A pair you can throw on that work with a jumper, t-shirt or sunbathing (which doesn’t happen a lot in the UK)."

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Why is style important to you?

"What you wear says a lot about a person. I like simple items in my wardrobe. Nothing too crazy. It sets the tone of how you’re perceived by others."

Where do you get your style inspiration?

"I’d be lying if I said I trawl the fashion blogs & Insta accounts. I like what I like. And have done for many years."

How does Tommy Hilfiger represent your style?

"Their items are top quality, premium, fit me very well. You’ll be seeing me in a lot more Tommy Hilfiger from now on."

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