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Forever Yours, Betty gives her take on the new Viktor&Rolf collection

You may not be able to reinvent the wheel, but somehow, Viktor & Rolf have managed to transform eyewear as we know it with their new collection now available at Specsavers. 

We sent Scottish fashion blogger and eyewear fanatic Forever yours, Betty, for an exclusive chat with the duo ahead of the launch in Amsterdam. 

'Timeless, fashion-forward, striking yet wearable, Viktor&Rolf have created a collection for people who love eyewear.' 

They say you should never meet your heroes, but that person obviously was never asked to interview their favourite fashion designers about their first ever eyewear collection! Sitting (or should I say sweating) inside the beautiful Waldorf Astoria, I met Viktor&Rolf, surrounded by their new frames and I didn't know where to start. My favourite frames? My love for meme couture? My complete admiration of their ability to create such iconic wearable art with a soul? 

It turns out, that quote came from somewhere, because I pretty much said and asked it all in fantastic Scottish speed-talking, fan-girl fashion, but you know what? Our conversation was as iconic as the collection. 

After the viral sensation that was SS19, I was eager to find out the pair's thoughts on influencer culture. "The phenomenon of Instagram is amazing," they said, "it's like a maze - but you can't get out... How you can say something without saying something, it's fascinating". 

We talked about how that presents itself in meme culture, and that #mood is a specific phrase that can resonate so much to a person. Viktor added that they love to "bring a message but keep to our aesthetic of volume, sculpture and over the top romance," which I am thrilled to say they also brought to their first venture into eyewear with Specsavers. 

As one would expect from any Viktor&Rolf creation, this is not your average eyewear collection. This range is statement face dressing at its finest, with 15 styles of eye-catching frames you will find it very hard to choose a favourite. 

"We designed our eyewear collection as like any other, with 'the power of transformation' at the centre of the design process." The design duo started by researching styles of frames, playing with the shape, and adding quirks saying, "we like to add something familiar with the unexpected," and *wow* did they. 

VR 11

Finishing each other's sentences, the designers work as "one mind" for all aspects of the brand, whether tackling couture, fragrance, and now eyewear. 

"Having worked together for such a long time, and creating a visual language together, we don't really need to explain much. This organic way of working comes quite naturally to us. It also helps when you've worn glasses your whole life, you know when an idea takes over what will work." 

VR 11

The collection is presented in three different categories; patchwork, sculptural, and evening which genuinely embody what you would hope from a Viktor&Rolf collection. 

From unexpected material contrasts, the manipulation of traditional shapes and proportion to glasses you can take from day to night in one beautifully embezzled clip, it's exciting, and unlike any other collection I've seen before. 

I love that the Dutch designers are also fans of the eyewear wardrobe, favoriting the embellished two-way frames and the large oversized sunglasses as the ultimate duo for glamour lovers everywhere. 

"It's expressive power clothing - but in eyewear" - it's lucky that Specsavers do buy one get one free, eh? 

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