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Lips or Eyes? You don’t have to decide!

Read the latest blog from the #LoveGlasses squad. 

Parenting blogger and founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, Candice Brathwaite, gives her thoughts on the new additions to the Balmain designer collection at Specsavers. 

I'd always read and believed that when it comes to beauty you simply cannot accentuate your eyes and lips at the same time, you either focus on one or the other. For years magazines had entire articles dedicated to the fact that it could either be smokey eye or red lip - never both. And of course they never even thought to think about those of us who wear glasses. 

If you’re a glasses wearer you can’t help but bring attention to your eyes. This doesn't necessarily mean rocking a Winehouse-esque flick or an 80’s powder blue eyeshadow, but simply because people should be drawn to your gorgeous taste in face furniture. 


I like my frames large and in charge! I’m particularly drawn to anything that leans towards a cat eye but I also want my glasses to be able to go from the boardroom to the ball. I’ve got to say when it comes to feeling good in my specs, you just cannot go wrong with a Balmain frame. 

To up the ante, I’ve also chosen three Balmain x L'Oreal lipsticks which I think compliment the glasses perfectly, rebelling against the idea that ‘you can’t draw attention to both your lips and eyes’ in a stylish fashion.  


I feel like designer glasses are a far easier way to own something that feels a little luxurious. While Balmain continues to be one of the houses I can't wait to see come fashion week, their pieces are currently unattainable for me. But when it comes to glasses, I feel like it’s a splurge I can afford to make because I actually need to be able to see!

A little rounder than what I’d usually go for, these frames make me feel particularly powerful. The deep  tortoiseshell hues give off a professional vibe but then the golden temples come in giving the entire look some pizzazz.

I paired a neutral lip with these frames, which still gives off a ‘I can take on the world!’, vibe. This entire look makes me feel like an autumnal goddess. 


These particular frames caused a fuss in my household. Slick and smart looking, they really give off a Clark Kent vibe. To pair with these specs this lipstick colour in particular felt quite nostalgic as it replicated a lip look I used to wear before having the kids. The complete look felt so fresh and spring like. 

These three separate looks reminded me how much fun you can have with stylish frames. I used to only wear my glasses at night but now I start my outfit with my choice of glasses and then work out my look from there. 

When it comes to lipstick, it’s also amazing to see how a change of tone can give your face an entirely different look.  Here’s to forever breaking beauty rules and accentuating whatever features you like!