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Would in-the-ear hearing aids work for a moderate loss?

I have a moderate hearing loss in both ears. When first diagnosed 15 years ago, this loss was mild and I used in the ear aids. Then I lost them and had to turn to the NHS for aids; and so for the past few years, I have used NHS behind the ear aids. Would in the ear/ear canal aids work for a moderate hearing loss? I'm an active 45 year old with young children, and behind the ear aids annoy me!


Although you do not state if your hearing loss is moderate across all frequencies of sound or just across the higher frequencies (as is most common), it is true to say that most styles of hearing aid are suitable for most types of hearing loss. That said, for a person who has good low pitch hearing but worse high pitch hearing, the best advice of both audiologists and hearing aid users is to wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid with an 'open fitting' in the ear canal. Blocking the ears with an in-the-ear hearing aid can lead to an effect called Occlusion - a little like having your head in a bucket! By not blocking the ears with an open fitting instrument, lots of natural sound can still pass in and out of the ear canals which produces a better overall quality of sound.In terms of the cosmetics of hearing aids, many of the open fit models are now very small and neat,and very light so people often comment that they completely forget they are wearing them.

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