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Would I benefit from a hearing aid whenI have a heavy cold?

When I have a heavy cold I suffer from hearing loss accompanied by a lot of catarrh which can last up to 2 or 3 months. It is a problem in my job as a shop assistant and other places. Would I benefit from a hearing aid?


It is very common for people to report a loss of hearing when they are suffering from a heavy cold. It is thought to be the result of mucus blocking the Eustachian tube (that connects your middle ear space to the back of your throat) which means that its normal pressure equalisation function is not possible. We therefore experience a sensation of 'dullness' in our hearing. It is not normally recommended that hearing aids be used? in this situation as over the counter decongestants are more effective. However, if you have any concerns over longer lasting damage to your hearing then you should speak to your GP.

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