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Will I get used to my hearing aid?

I received an NHS hearing aid about 3 weeks ago. I get a lot off interference and hissing noises when I speak, listen to TV, etc. Is this normal? I also get a sore patch on my ear where the hearing aid is placed. Will my ear get used to it?


It can indeed take a little time to get used to a new hearing aid if you have never worn one before. The initial sounds are often quite loud, tinny or hissing, and sometimes hollow or echoey. After a period of acclimatisation (which varies from person to person), most of these 'unusual' sounds should start to disappear. Generally, the more you wear the hearing aid, the quicker this will happen. That said, the hearing aid should not make your ear sore. Contact the audiologist who fitted your aid to see if it can be adjusted.


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